Thursday, 21 January 2010

New Year... New Module - Character Performance and Believability. Stop Motion

So its a New year and a new term which means that its also a new module. This terms module will be mainly focusing on 3d Stop frame animation.... What exactly is stop motion animation??? Stop motion is a form of animation in which physical objects are manipulated frame by frame creating the illusion of movement when each frame is played continuosly. Stop motion is done in a 3 dimensional form although it is virtually limitless in terms of the materials and objects you can use ranging from plasticine to actual people.

The term started off with a visit to the Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry where there was a Wallace & Gromit exhibition. The exhibition displayed original sets, characters, storyboards, scripts and even Wallace's different mouth shapes. UNFORTUNATELY there was a no photography policy held in the actual exhibition BUT there was no sign saying that ipods with video camera were not allowed and FORTUNATELY my ipod just happened to record some of the exhibition...

This first video shows many of the sets used in the movie such as Wallaces Basement, the fruit and veg shop and even the church with the smashed stain glass window. It also shows copies of original drawings, storyboards and scripts.

The second video shows an Aardman artist drawing Gromit.

The third video shows Victor Quartermaine and Reverend Clement Hedges in a set that can be manipulated to change the weather conditions.

The trip was a very rare opportunity to see in person the amazing sets behind the Curse of the Were Rabbit. The thing that really intruiged me the most however which unfortunately I couldnt manage to record was the actual mouth shapes for Wallace in which replacement animation is used to change the mouth shapes to give the illusion of speech.

Overall the trip was a great experience and very insightful to me as an animator.

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