Friday, 23 March 2012

Texture tests

Modelling tests

Scale Issues

With the top down layout designs tweaked and having a more realistic functionality to the trainyard its time to begin the arduous task of figuring out a scale. Initially I had been doing this by eye but according to much of my feedback the scale was ridiculously off and ended up being either too big or way too small. I needed a uniformed principle to my scaling which in all honesty didnt take much more then a few google searches.

The results:

96 Units in Unreal Development Kit is the equivalent of 6 Foot. A little bit of Math work then goes on to reveal that 1 Foot = 16 Units. By this I set out to create a full scale UDK blockout but this meant that I would have to give everything in my designs realistic proportions and scale.

How did I go about this???? Well a number of things I tried which did feed into my final scale blueprints.

One method I used came to me from a documentary I had watched about the SAS. When the recon team explained a mission to the rest of the squad they would make an accurate scale model using whatever materials were available to them whether that be sticks and stones or bits of rubbish etc. So using this method I made a scale model of the cargo containers using lego blocks in comparism to a toy footballer.

Friday, 24 February 2012


but FIRST!.... i'll need accomplices......

You can't lie to your tutors if your lying to yourself right??? yeh thats what I thought... This project is way beyond me and I will hand on heart admit that however If im already counting on that fact then surely there is a plan in place. We are final year students and so we have the privileges that brings with it including a 2nd year apprentice. In my case however that means 5 hopefuls who are willing to work alongside me to create this vision in my head.

With 5 2nd years currently on board with the project I have began to set up a network between our team so that feedback and tasks can be shot to and fro between us all. This to some extent puts me in a lead role which is exactly what I wanted to be doing. This will bring its own unique challenges and even though I bit off more then I can chew (again) I am CONVINCED I can pull this off with help from my loyal minions.

Setting up a structure to work as a team is vital as communication is key in a team effort. That is why I set up a Facebook group directly linking me to my 2nd year apprentices. This will provide a useful medium for constructive criticism, sharing ideas and feedback as well as allocating tasks.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Working with what I have

I think rather then focusing on re-designing the level as the composition of the previous attempt sits rather well, I think I should focus on bringing these current designs up to scratch and working with it.

That being said I think it is important to let this project evolve as thats what makes a great game right. Our ability to capture our audiences lie in rooting our environments in reality. I dont know if thats a famous quote, it sure sounds like one and if its not it can be once im gone but that is my understanding of creating an environment the player can immerse themselves into.

The environment needs a purpose but in this particular task it needs 2 layers (if you would call it that) of purpose. The 1st is that before the disaster that caused the apocolypse it needed to serve as a functional freight train yard. The 2nd purpose is that a slave society have settled into the area as it provides protection from the harsh solar rays. There also wouldve been easily available materials and resources that the people could use to survive so from a survival point of view also it serves an excellent location

Tuesday, 14 February 2012