Monday, 8 February 2010

Making a head

So the title states making a head and thats exactly what we did. This task was individually done and it required three heads to be made out of plasticine. We were told that we could use the designs from a previous project, the exxageration and morphing project from the illusion of life module (which sadly I haven't managed to find the animation for). However I still had the caricature style drawings for that project and decided to go with them drawings.

Just as a recap the drawing was of my flatmate Dami, I started really by taking front and side profile pictures of him on my laptop and then drew accurately the same pictures. I looked at features which I could cartoonise and worked on them... I made the eyes big and menacing as my flatmate is quite an intimidating guy, I enlarged most features such as nose, mouth, lips and chin and to top it off I gave him a cap.

These are the picture which I based my drawings off so I did what any cartoonist would do and exxagerated the features to create my caricature. My drawings were quite loosely based and I didnt really take any inspiration from any caricaturists but I jus tried focusing on exxageration and eventually ended up with some drawings I was quite happy with.

I caricatured other random celebrities (mainly rappers) and then using the pictures of Dami I did the accurate sketches. I finally moved onto the caricatured faces as I had some sort of idea of what I wanted.

These are my finished caricature drawings with 3 exxagerated expressions. Now was the task of simply making these heads into pyhsical objects. What really helped with this task was the fact that I had already drawn side profiles as well as the front profiles so this was a great help for visualizing the heads. To make the heads was just simply putting a polystyrene ball on a stick. The reason that we use a polystyrene as the centre rather then just solid plasticine is because of weight. By using the ball it saves weight and if the head were to be placed onto an armature it would be too top heavy.

This is the first head which exxagerates the angry face. Unfortunately I dont have any pictures of the second one which was the sad face and the third head was the shocked expression.

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