Friday, 24 February 2012

but FIRST!.... i'll need accomplices......

You can't lie to your tutors if your lying to yourself right??? yeh thats what I thought... This project is way beyond me and I will hand on heart admit that however If im already counting on that fact then surely there is a plan in place. We are final year students and so we have the privileges that brings with it including a 2nd year apprentice. In my case however that means 5 hopefuls who are willing to work alongside me to create this vision in my head.

With 5 2nd years currently on board with the project I have began to set up a network between our team so that feedback and tasks can be shot to and fro between us all. This to some extent puts me in a lead role which is exactly what I wanted to be doing. This will bring its own unique challenges and even though I bit off more then I can chew (again) I am CONVINCED I can pull this off with help from my loyal minions.

Setting up a structure to work as a team is vital as communication is key in a team effort. That is why I set up a Facebook group directly linking me to my 2nd year apprentices. This will provide a useful medium for constructive criticism, sharing ideas and feedback as well as allocating tasks.

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