Thursday, 8 December 2011

Week 7

Due to the malfunction of my laptop I am currently unable to progress the pipeline, particularly through the use of Maya as I do not have any computer capable of running Maya at this present moment. This has obviously presented me with many problems and difficulties however there is a saying that goes 'every cloud has a silver lining'.... what does clouds and silver have to do with my problem???? Its very simple.... Without the use of digital media to keep the pipeline flowing, I now have to look into other ways of working ie Non digital. This circumstance now presents a whole new dynamic to the productivity of my project. To keep pushing forwards I have had to delve into other techniques an processes that may in actual fact be more beneficial as opposed to going straight into the digital processes as was planned.

This has led me to creating what can be seen as a blueprint for my character. The plan being that if I plan out my processes step by step I know exactly how to do it when my new PC arrives. This blueprint needs to be very well documented and very thorough so that I can achieve a high quality outcome with efficiency. I believe this diversion in my project has come as a blessing as it has given me a better way of designing a character as well as demonstrating my further understanding of Maya after the last 5 weeks. I also believe that this process of 'blueprinting' can be repeated as a technique for upcoming projects and even find its place in the industry if its not already within the industry. It is also a process that requires me to not only think as an artist, but also more technically and step into the shoes of a modeller, texturer & rigger. I think that this could be very beneficial to the entire pipeline as each person will receive the documentation as a guide for there particular field of expertise and even improve and pass it on to the next area with an updated blueprint and even instruction for the next person as a starting point.

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