Tuesday, 10 November 2009

6 Week Animation

The 6 Week Animation Task had to reflect all the principles that I had been studying during those 6 weeks. It was a requirement that the animation was between 10 and 20 seconds and that it showed atleast one principal of animation. To start with, I brainstormed a few ideas into my sketchbook. The idea I went with was very simple with the classic 'good guy & bad guy' scenario, all I had to do was character design them both. Using keywords such as 'innocent', 'childlike' e.t.c I designed a very simple 'good guy' character. The basic plot is our 'good guy' character is bullied by the 'bad guy' character, he decides that he has had enough so he does a 'Rocky' style workout and turns the tables around. This is the final design of the 'good guy' character in which it shows his original self and his bulked up form. I think this character works particularly well as his innocence helps the audience empathise with it. All that was left was the design for the 'bad guy' character. I used inspirations from other characters and tried using keywords such as fearsome and menacing. After a few rough sketches, I had a basic idea going. Ideas for the 'bad guy' character was inspired from all sorts from a Red Devil energy drink to the character of Jack Nicholson in The Shining. This is the finalised design for the character with a front and side profile. To get the movements correct fo the training sequences, I referenced the training scene from Rocky 2 in which I drew the poses and then drew my character in the same poses. Using these drawings I can make some quick tests based on these poses.
videoI dont think this test works particularly well, most probably due to the fact that it was not referenced from anywhere. I think that in terms of muscle tensing, I would need to look at anime such as Dragonball Z or Bleach e.t.c as they have a very realistic style of showing muscle...
videoThis test is the most sucessful and portrays lifting weight quite well in my opinion. It is based off the drawings that I referenced from Rocky 2 although I did cartoonise it slightly.
videoThe push up test works well, the only criticism I have against it is that it needs ALOT more frames and the feet cannot slide as the character does the push up as it is the rest of the body that moves up and down and the feet should remain firmly on the ground. Using these tests I had a rough idea of how to animate the actions so I could now create the final...

And here it is, the final......

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