Friday, 20 November 2009

A Blast from the Past!

My real interest in animation sparked during the second year of college where a friend and I decided to create an animation for our synoptic project in applied art and design. Neither of us were experienced nor had we ever researched into the technical aspects of animation so it was new and fresh to us.

A great starting point was to look at the professionals. To save time I looked at Aardman whilst my partner, Matt looked at the works of Tim Burton and we developed a unique style that was a clean cross between the experience of Aardman with their stop frame animation and the quirky, extraordinary ideas of Tim Burton..

Me and Matt both developed our understanding in animation as we grew through experience and simple trial and error. We touched up on the basics of animation, began understanding basic principles such as squash and stretch, walk cycles were investigated and it was the first time I ever created and brought to life such a distinct and unique character.

Skills were developed through simple tests and experimentation starting off with a slithering worm which was barely storyboarded with no pre-planning whatsoever to spending over 2 months planning and organising a 1 minute animation complete with a set, a narrative and 2 very distinctive characters.

So here it is, T3AM Animation Proudly presents Schliptenstein.....

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