Monday, 10 October 2011

Time to get organised....

For my specialist study 1 I have decided to go with a project that focuses on the entire process of game creation as opposed to having a next gen finished outcome. The reason I want to do this is because time management has always been a downside in every project I have ever done but this project I really want to push myself and maximise the time I have effectively. I also think this project is a perfect opportunity to speed up my skills whilst adhering to a good quality of work.

My learning outcomes from this project:

  • To be able to model assets effectively and efficiently within the limitations of the game engine.
  • To understand basic texturing techniques.
  • To be able to create simplistic rigs in order to animate the asset. 
  • To be able to refine animation to achieve realistic and believable movement.
  • To gain understanding of game engine basic functionality such as importing assets correctly and even applying basic coding. 
Now anyone who has experience in 3D will appreciate that this is a lot of work, especially as I have only basic knowledge of 2 areas and no knowledge of 2. The other factor within my project is that the clock is constantly ticking and like the professional industry I too have a strict deadline to stick with. This means that my working method has to adapt and be able to handle the vast amount of practical work in the time I have. In order to do this I must develop weekly plans and then break these plans down into daily tasks. Mondays will be the review days where I reflect upon the previous week and focus on the tasks for the following week. 

This is one way that will help me manage my time effectively. 

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