Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Game Development Meeting

Todays meeting was basically establishing a more solid idea and concept of the game. After talking with the proggramers a few ideas were finalised and the general direction of the project is becoming more clear.

A few things covered today:

- The setting is post-apocolyptic, A singular city run by this corporation.

- The enemies will have different classes, standard soldiers, brutes, mini-bosses etc. These will be a regimented uniformed army type enemy.

- The possibility of enemy dogs.

- The 3 levels will consist of the 3 different sectors of the city.

Level 1 - The prison and the slum sector.
Level 2 - The army barracks and armoury sector.
Level 3 - The HQ sector where you ultimately face the boss.

- The programmers also highlighted that there would be a change in the gameplay. It is now more of a RPG game whereby the character earns XP points and has to upgrade throughout the gameplay. This also means that we can tie the story more into the actual gameplay.

- Our main characters are known only as the Arrivals, there appearances are quite rugged and they have ventured from the wasteland to take down this corporation.

Thinking about these things, we have a more solid basis to come up with concept designs and ideas that will tie in more with the plot of the game.

I also found a very useful link that is quite relevant to this project so have a read and enjoy!

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