Saturday, 9 October 2010

Bring on the second year.....

Ok so its been a long while since I've really posted anything at all. Maybe this is due to being in Cornwall where they still use horse messengers to deliver telegrams (yes the phone reception was terrible and the internet, even worse!) But back to normality (whatever that is???).

At the moment there are 3 modules happening at the same time, 1 being the more technical aspects of animation as a medium. This module covers the film aspects such as cinematography, mise en scene, scripts etc etc. The other module being drawing for animation and the last one being the continuation of digital animation. A great start to the digital animation was going to a 2 day authorised adobe course on flash which I also received a certificate. But anyway I will get into more detail with each module later, for now.....

Dark Jedi

A character known only as Dark Jedi, which I have based entirely on my own personality with the influences of my favourite epic ever created.... Star Wars. Just as experimental work I decided to go back to a technique I used in college.

These were all based from pictures of a friend of mine that only very slightly looked like 2pac but using this technique of working over the image I came out with this very conceptual art looking style which I think really works with my own style of drawing.

Quite similar to the style of the game 'Borderlands'

This is how I characterised Dark Jedi from an image of myself....

This is the base image for my characterisation. Using multiple layers and help from the threshold tool I managed to give it the conceptual art style. Now all I had to do was work the image from here.

The first thing I focused on was the eyes of my character. Seeing as my character was Dark Jedi it needed the elements of a Sith so by simply using the Eyedropper tool and an image of Darth Malgus(Star Wars: The Old Republic), I recreated the same look in the same colours but according to my own facial features.

From here I simply worked into the image creating layers upon layers of detail on top.

I'll be posting more work in this style.... =)

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