Monday, 25 October 2010

Game Ideas

So the concept of the game is coming along quite nicely, ideas are starting to formulate and ideas are becoming more and more concrete.

The idea of a post-apocolyptic world however we as a group decided that we did not want to go with the whole nuclear armageddon plot, instead we wanted something a bit more environmental or natural but on the scale to completely lay waste to the previous world.

So whats the idea???

- Solar flares burn through the atmosphere causing the world to literaly burn to the ground.

- The setting is still going to be a city built upon a city but now we are currently talking about building the city up on a spaghetti type junction on a motorway with the slums being at the bottom and the HQ being the remaining buildings in the middle.

- A few other ideas regarding the characters such as each one having a specialty and the playable character as like the all rounder. A few other twists to the plot however i'm not going to reveal these potential spoilers.

Aside from doing a few sketches, I also went out around Birmingham photographing areas and coming up with a few visual references as well as capturing some great textures.

Using this image and a quick go on photoshop I turned this photo reference into a bit of a concept style picture with a few ideas on colours and the mood of the settings.


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