Monday, 11 October 2010

Narrative, Adaptation and Interpretation

This module will focus on looking at the film language in both live action and animated films. This means looking more in-depth into the technical make-up of the film; Things such as understanding the script to the cinematography, mise en scene ending the whole process with the editing phase. This module will help me understand and analyse any film from the planning stages through to the pre-production, production and the final post-production stages.


'- What is the most significant moment that happened in your life? Is there any incident that you remembered most? Or even an object, sound, smell that you will never forget. Is there a moment where it is life changing?

- You would need to write a short paragraph of 200-500 words supplemented with visuals or sound. Which ever is relevant?'

This is my short synopsis:

It was a pale Friday evening, the weather wasn’t particularly inviting but that was alright because we weren’t looking to go outside. The empty classroom studio was vacated at that time of the evening, most the students had gone home or were outside engaged in conversations about the events of the college week, most of it likely to be banter and gossip. My friends were also amongst the groups of friends outside the college but I wasn’t there. The teachers were now in the staff lounges sipping on their coffees discussing upcoming lessons and tutorials. Matt and I sat in what felt like our home for the last three months; the planning had been intense. It had been months of intense research and organizing, either of us having no experience what so ever in animation, we had to rely solely on help from books and the unfathomable knowledge of the internet. We were both eager to see how our final year project had come together. As we sat there we reminisced about the incredible journey we had undertaken to get to where we were. All the months of tests, the revised storyboards and the absurd amount of time spent on building our very first working armature. The pressures of the struggle now stood like the weight of the world on my shoulder and taking a deep breath Matt pressed the play button. The anxiety inside me welled up as a flood of questions overwhelmed my mind, was the lighting going to be dramatic enough? Was the sound going to sync to the animation? Had our months of concentrated planning and research been worth it? I watched as I saw hours turn into seconds, I saw the details turn into months and I saw something that could not logically move become alive and that was when I realised this is what I wanted to do with my life. This was the path of life I wanted to pursue. With this achievement I knew that I wanted to move on to bigger and better things and so I was inspired to become an animator.

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