Saturday, 7 May 2011

Game Creation

So its been a very long while since i've posted anything on here during the designing and developing stages of the game creation. As you could expect, alot has changed and much of the games original details have been developed.

The updated outline of the game:

- The game will feature an upgradeable armour and weapons system and has taken to other RPG elements such as improving attributes etc.

- The game will feature the main character who essentially is the average joe 'rookie' type character who can be developed however the player chooses. The other characters will be NPC's and generally a voice to guide you through the game.

- Although the game isn't a sandbox style game it will feature many elements and exploration will be very much possible over the vast 3 levels.

- The setting of the game is still post-apocolyptic. The Utopian city is in fact a pre-disaster Transport Hub which people began to settle in due to its stability and infrastructure.

- The central transport hub is a enormous pyramid structure.

The job that was left now was to begin the concept art and character design etc. Although I did a little character design I really wanted to focus on the environment side of things as I felt that a great environment can make a great game.

To begin on the environment I had to formulate ideas and collate reference imagery so with a hands on approach I took a digital camera everywhere I went for a few weeks and photographed reference images as well as reference textures. I feel that referencing environments is a very essential step because although I was working to create a post apocalyptic environment, I wanted its foundations to be rooted in reality so we as the audience can look at the environment and believe it to be something real and right in front of us.

A moodboard of reference photographs taken over 3 different countries.

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