Thursday, 12 May 2011

Modular assets

The problem I found when building the warehouse in district 1 was because it was basically 1 big extruded cube, it was very hard to add certain details without messing up the geometry. I found the solution to this problem in a book called Game Environments and Props by Michael Mckinley.

The solution is simple.... When creating large buildings the best thing to do in most cases would be to simply create different modules or parts of the building in different scene files. This technique has many advantages:

  • As the game engine is rendering in real time, that presents us with many limitations, one of these being that the more varied the buildings are, the longer the loading time is going to be.
  • Allows more detail to be put into buildings.
  • Variations of the same modules can give the illusion of different buildings simply by re-arranging them differently within the game engine and the more modules there are, the more varied buildings your game can include.
This is a screenshot of my modular building constructed of 5 different modules all constantly repeated to create the building. Game Environments and Props.

As you can see within district 2 I have created many variations of buildings with the same modules

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