Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Layout sketches to technical layouts

The transition from layout sketches to technical positioning in maya is one process that was made very easy thanks to the likes of photoshop and my scanner.

With the basic layout completed on maya I could then use the top view to print a snapshot of the area I had to work with and use it to improvise on my original layout sketches.

By working on top of the printout I could map out key assets such as the bridge network and the rail network in accordance to my drawings.

Using photoshop I layered the original drawing over the top view snapshot and then improvised the train lines positioning within the scene.

With the tracks laid down I then drew on the overhead bridge levels that would complete the layered look of the trainyard.

I found this way of working to be a very quick and easy way and also worked very accurately in terms of scaling and positioning. With this way of mapping out the level I could apply the same principles to district 2.

District 2 leading on from district 1

The slum maze of District 2

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