Monday, 11 July 2011

Animating a 3D character

Ok so this is the first time iv'e animated a 3d model and once I figured out how to move each part of the model and bearing in mind that the principles of animation remain the same as 2D/stop motion, it was fairly easy and quite a fun process.

The character that i've animated is the henchman from level 2 which was modelled and rigged by Toby Rutter.

In this scene I have began to animate 2 henchmen, one advancing on a position while the other reloads his gun and provides cover. Bearing in mind the principles that would apply to this scene for example weight on different parts of the model as he slows down his walk and also when he lifts his gun to aim position, I feel that the gun does not get lifted up realistically and as a result the weight of it is not portrayed in this. To resolve this I would have to look at reference of real guns which after surfing youtube I managed to add that realism to the gun being lifted simply by leading the right arm with the gun up first and then followed by the left hand.

In this video you can see that the Ak-47 now appears to have a realistic weighting to it.

The scene now from a different angle.

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