Monday, 11 July 2011

Digital Landscape painting

Ok so i'm pretty new to digital painting and what I found extremely helpful to my cause was the youtube channel FZDschool based in Singapore. I would definately recommend this youtube channel to all who want to look into digital painting and a massive thank you to FZDesign School for uploading these invaluable tutorial videos on youtube.

 Working in black and white to achieve composition through tonal value.

 A method of working that I learnt from FZDschool youtube videos. The use of reference pictures that help speed up the process of colour selection and it also adds great texture to the image.

 My original sketch drawing for the above image of the 'Cities in the Sands' inspired by a recent trip to Dubai.

Using the above 2 images and a few photoshop hours later I can finally present Cities in the Sands. Although I  wouldn't call this concept quality I think with alot more practice I can definately bring it to that quality level.

Inspired by the view from my flat in Cornwall

Using tonal value to create depth and 3d space. 

Digital painting based from a reference photograph

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