Monday, 11 July 2011

Game production pipeline.

The game production pipeline is basically the process of how a game goes from an idea to a playable story on a console/pc. Although our team is tiny compared to the teams within the industry we still followed a similar process on the creation of our game.

The idea:

The game was proposed by 3 programming students, the concept and the main giste of the game all being their idea.

The concept/Pre-production:

Myself and the art team had the job of going away and researching the idea as well as producing visual concepts for the programmers. Within the industry this would be an unusual occurence as the game developers usually approach the art team with very specific wants and needs however on this project we took complete control on the entire look of the game as long the programmers agreed.


With a fairly finalised concept we could now focus on who was going to be doing what exactly and the group was organised into each of us working on different assets (characters/environments/low poly assets)

Unfortunately the stage we never got past is the production stage and the game was never put together by our programmers. Although we tried to adhere to the same principles and processes that apply within the industry,   we found that it was easier said then done.

Anyway heres a link to a great article about how the industry pipeline works.


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