Saturday, 11 February 2012

Going back to basics - Re-designing and quick concept

I already have the existing blueprints from last year and even a mock up in Maya to use as reference so I can get modelling and be done with it right?? WRONG... My knowledge and understanding of game content creation has improved drastically since last year and so I want to filter this into my environment from the initial stages... Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail...

A quick painting done of the motorway leading to the Heart of the hub (The pyramid) The browns convey a really polluted atmospheric setting which is relevant to the type of mood I am trying to create however its not quite there yet as it doesnt convey the horrors of the disaster.

This painting was done using a very very quick Maya mock up, a spot light to create tone and then the screenshot imported into photoshop with digital painting over the top. I like the tension and mood in the environment as well as the sharp contrasts between hot and cold. I can imagine this world being very hot and stuffy with toxic air and very unstable weather.

This is not really a concept of the city, rather just loads of resource images compiled in photoshop as I wanted to experiment with the use of Northern lights in the sky to see how they would fit into the contrast of the world.

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