Monday, 13 February 2012

UDK Blockout levels

Today has been a fairly productive day. The 11 day plan however seems unlikely at the current moment as my knowledge of Unreal Editor is still very basic.. the question lately has been is it too much?? Ive began posting my progress on, a forum of game artists and I have been advised to keep it as small as possible. Therefore I have come to a decision to NOT alter any of the designs of the trainyard as was drawn up last year but rather to build upon these designs and focus on the small details.

You can follow my thread on HERE and see what the professionals out there have to say about my work and its progression.

This is the first area I blocked out which is the starting area of the character. The blockout is very simple and can be done fairly quickly through the use of cubes and cylinders. This was just a rough idea of scale and the dimensions that I need to be working in to create the epic space of the trainyard.

I also did a blockout of the trainyard warehouse which I decided to alter slightly and position it in the centre of the trainyard rather than the side to give it the main focal point of the environment.

Although I would like to make the warehouse completely accessible with a full interior I do not possess the understanding to create a highly detailed building of this size nor do I have the time to focus on it that much therefore I have decided to make the exterior to a high quality and only allow the player to access the warehouse floor (the area which the video displays)

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